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survey [Mar. 11th, 2006|07:54 am]
The Elm City Girls' Choir Community


Name: Christine
Age: 13
Siblings and Ages of Said Siblings: Jack, 11
Were/are any of them in choir? um elm city girl's choir?; i think not.
How many years have you been in choir, and in which ones? this is my 3rd year. 2 years in Milford Allegra and this year in Academy
Are you currently/have you ever been a TA? for which UGC? no.
Are you/have you ever been a student conductor? no.
section leader? no.
lead chorister? no.
What part do you sing/have sung in past years? well seeing as UGC didn't really have parts; anything they put me on for those 2 years and soprano 1 this year.
What's your favorite song we've done this year thus far? probably goodbye yellow brick road and the turtle dove.
What's your favorite choir song EVER? stand by me.
What's your favorite non-choir song? anything really.
What's your favorite thing about choir? friends, music, fun.

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2006-03-11 06:29 pm (UTC)

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